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Here at World Wide Journeys, Inc., we are looking for a select group of individuals to partner with. To work with us successfully you must meet the following criteria. First, you must be a person of integrity. A successful travel agent serves their customers and always follows through with committments to clients. Secondly, you must have a passion for travel. Repeat customers want to deal with an agent that has "been there and done that". Thirdly, you must enjoy using a computer. Education, certification and reservations are done via the web. And finally you must be self motivated. Most of your work will be done at home. If this sounds like fun to you, please contact us for what we believe is a fun filled career. We recruit associates that are willing to maintain and enhance our commitment to provide the highest levels of quality and service for our customers.

If working for an innovative, inspiring travel agency where individual initiative leads to greater success appeals to you, consider a career with World Wide Journeys. Give us a call at 770-652-3590 and speak with Brian. Or fill out our online contact sheet and enter your employment aspirations in the message section.