Jeanie's Journeys

Vacations so thrilling, so exciting and so affordable
that we pack our bags and join in the fun.

Join Jeanie for the Ultimate Peace of Mind.

If you would like to enjoy the benefits of a personalized, carefree, exclusive vaction, then a "Journey With Jeanie"
is definitely for you! Each year Jeanie hosts vacations to popular, exotic and/or adventureous destinations.
Join Jeanie on one, two or all of her journeys and travel around the world in comfort. It's great knowing that your travel agent
is always nearby to answer your questions, and professionally handle your concerns.

Jeanie is not a traditional tour guide. You decide how your time is spent, knowing that your are always welcome to spend
your time as you desire. Journey off on your own or spend the day with Jeanie, your gracious host.
Oh, we should probably mention - she's a blast to spend the day with!


Use any of the links below to learn more about where Jeanie is heading.
Journey to Ireland Journey to Mayan Riviera Journey on the Oasis of the Seas